installation experts: our staff

staff azienda impianti faenza

Turchi Impianti has been operating in the energy installation industry for more than 30 years now, offering its customers the best possible solutions backed by experience and professionalism.
Our electric engineers pride themselves on satisfying even the most demanding customers with great passion and experience: tailor-made systems at affordable prices!
Call or come visit us, our staff are here for you!

Fabio Briccolani : Antennas - Automation - Security

Giorgio Bombardini: Air conditioning - Data network - Industrial power plants

Giovanni Liverani: Photovoltaic - Industrial Electric Installations - Automation

Gino Ternetti: Civil electrical installations - Maintenance

Mattia Scarpa : Industrial Power Plants

Matteo Villa: Civil electrical installations - Maintenance

Mariagrazia: Administrative Officer

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